Why are we doing this?

Between January 1st and september 30th 2017 some 8090 civilians were killed or wounded in Afghanistan. At this moment there are 80 acts of war per day, combining to a grand total of 12903 in the year 2017. The UN downgraded Afghanistan from ‘post-conflict’ to ‘active war’ a few months ago, and the Global Peace Index 2017 classifies Afghanistan as the 2nd most dangerous country on earth, surpassed only by Syria.

If you think this makes a quite clear case that Afghanistan is too dangerous for a refugee to return to, you will find you have a different opinion than your government.

So we unite against deportations to Afghanistan for quite a simple reason. Afghanistan is not safe at all, but our European governments ignore the actual situation in the country and keep sending Afghan refugees back anyway. It’s time to stop it – join us in taking action.